The Regressive Agenda

  1. Fuck white people. White people are racists.
  2. Fuck America. Blame America and its military for every problem on earth. (mention Iraq)
  3. Defend the Muslims. Create a false equivalence with Christianity and muddy the waters.
  4. Fuck the cops.
  5. Fuck conservatives and Republicans.
  6. Save the blacks. Treat black people as if they are helpless infants who lack agency and can be nothing but victims.
  7. Disregard linear time. Blur the past with the present so as to demonize modern people for the actions of those from the distant past.
  8. Mention that it's not all. Assert that they are saying it's 'all', then tell them it's not all. Then eject.
  9. If someone brings up a problem, pivot to talking about a non-problem.
  10. If someone presents a problem to you, mention another problem because two wrongs make a who cares.
  11. Virtue signal whenever conceivably possible. How is the world supposed to know how awesome you are unless you announce it to them repeatedly?
  12. Fight against bullies. If there are none, pretend that there are. This will help you process your resentment towards all those mean kids who bullied you. Fight for the Ewoks, not the stormtroopers.
  13. Fuck Israel.

Regressive Wall of Shame

Regressive Agenda Cenk Uygur

Cenk Uygur

Regressive Agenda Ana Kasparian

Ana Kasparian

Regressive Agenda Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore

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